West Phoenix rose gardens, ftw.

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For anyone who ever thought deserts to be ugly.

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1. A moment of clarity, a happenstance sunset at our favorite lookout.


3. Arizona sunsets truly are the best I’ve ever seen.

4. The Phoenix skyline. <3

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Glimpses from our flights.

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Favorites from Az trip:

1. Flying a kite for the first time

2. A completely unprompted moment of absolute sweetness between Owen and my bestie’s daughter. HEART MELTED.

3. My little sister being a total badass.

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Male privilege is oversexualizing a normal part of a woman’s body to the point where she is punished for wearing a pair of shorts at school. They are legs and they get me where I need to go. I don’t “display” them for your enjoyment, I just made a mistake by assuming that partially exposing an appropriate part of my body on an 80 degree day wouldn’t land me in detention.

Two days. TWO DAYS.